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All Nighter     HD720p 76MB
Comedy in which a globetrotting, workaholic father (J.K. Simmons) is trying to visit his daughter (Analeigh Tipton) on a last-minute layover in Los Angeles. When he discovers that she's disappeared, he forces her awkward, nervous ex-boyfriend (Emile Hirsch) to help him find her over the course of one increasingly crazy night. Kristen Schaal, Taran Killam, Stephanie Allynne and Hunter Parrish are also part of the cast.
This looks like fun.

Una     HD720p 16MB
International trailer for this intense drama based on a play that follows a young woman's journey to reclaim her past. Fifteen years earlier, Una (Rooney Mara) ran away with an older man (Ben Mendelsohn) who sexually assaulted her, a crime for which he was arrested and imprisoned. When she comes across a photo of him in a trade magazine, she tracks him down and turns up at his workplace. Her abrupt arrival threatens to destroy his new life and derail her stability. Unspoken secrets and buried memories surface as the two sift through the wreckage of the past. Riz Ahmed is also part of the cast.

Alone in Berlin     HD720p 78MB
US trailer for this drama based on the novel by Hans Fallada set in Berlin in June of 1940. While Nazi propaganda celebrates the regime's victory over France, a kitchen-cum-living room in Prenzlauer Berg is filled with grief. A couple's (Brendan Gleeson, Emma Thompson) son has been killed at the front. They had long believed in the ‘Führer’ and followed him willingly, but now they realise that his promises are nothing but lies and deceit. They begin writing postcards as a form of resistance and in a bid to raise awareness. They distribute these cards in the entrances of tenement buildings and in stairwells. But the SS and the Gestapo are soon onto them, and even their neighbours pose a threat. Daniel Brühl and Mikael Persbrandt are also part of the cast.
Alternative trailer from France: HD720p 22MB.

Between Us     HD720p 15MB
Relationship drama in which a thirty-something couple (Olivia Thirlby, Ben Feldman), after being six years together, find themselves caught between their fears of commitment and societal pressure to settle down and marry. An impulsive decision and a surprise revelation send each into an emotional tailspin. Heading out into the LA night, they both encounter strangers - a free-spirited rocker (Adam Goldberg), and a charming artist (Analeigh Tipton) - who offer the possibility of new romantic thrills.
A familiar story, but it looks to be well told. Now in limited US release and available on various streaming platforms.

The Lovers     HD720p 92MB
Comedic drama about a long-married and completely dispassionate husband (Tracy Letts) and wife (Debra Winger). Both are in the midst of serious affairs and are increasingly committed to their new partners (Melora Walters, Aidan Gillen). But on the brink of officially calling it quits, a spark between them suddenly and unexpectedly reignites, leading them into an impulsive romance that forces them to navigate the hilarious complications of "cheating" on their respective lovers. Written and directed by Azazel Jacobs (Terri, Momma's Man).
Sounds like Madness, looks amusing.


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